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Fire Training Simulators

Manufactured by FSE, Fire Training Simulator Starter Kits are one of the most up to date, portable simulator units on the market. FSE’s Fire Simulation kits can produce various different simulations, allowing all classes of fire to be dealt with. Training sessions can effectively cover all scenarios likely to be encountered and the students can be taught the different type of fire situations and enables them to use of all types of fire extinguisher.

The Fire Simulator Starter Kit is a perfect extension to our Fire Training courses, increasing the confidence of employees. Fire Marshals and Fire Wardens can get even more experience in tackling real fires in an entirely controlled and safe environment.

Starter Kit
Fire training simulators
From £989.50 + VAT (excluding delivery)

Other Scenarios Include:

The Fire Training Simulators allow for the specific risks of your business to be replicated, meaning employees can have first hand, realistic experience of tackling the type of fire that could happen at your business.

The completely controllable heat and flames allow safe realistic training for students and operator making it ideal for single operator training groups of 12 - 15 students at the customers premises.

The Fire Training Simulators offer practical experience, resulting in better chances of being able to tackle a fire at your premises should one occur.

The environmentally friendly product complies with the Environmental Protection act 1990 and means no smoke, no waste fuel and no wet embers to dispose of meaning no pollution.

And all of our Fire Training Simulators are extremely durable and long-lasting, so you’ll be able to increase the safety of your business for years to come. New staff can be trained and it’s easy for existing staff to refresh and improve their skills. All units are manufactured on site in our pre fabrication factory ensuring quality standards and gas safety standards are met.

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