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Fire Stopping Systems

Fire stopping systems are items which increase fire-resistance by reducing the ability of fire to spread throughout a building or an area. The main benefit of using fire stopping systems and passive fire protection systems is that in the event of a fire it is contained in just one area - one room for as long a period of time as possible. This has the obvious benefits of allowing more time for a safe evacuation and more time for fire fighters to get to the scene, as well as greatly reducing the damage caused by the fire spreading.

FSE can supply all types of fire stopping systems and passive fire protection systems. Most of these come as intumescent materials or items that expand in the presence of fire. These fire stopping systems work by sealing gaps in fire doors, sealing in electrical wall switches and consumer units, or simply by expanding to protect flammable materials such as wood, fibreglass, lathe and plaster. This not only prevents oxygen from reaching and fuelling the fire so that combustion cannot start, but also prevents the spread of potentially harmful smoke.

Our fire stopping systems can prevent the spread of fires and smoke for up to an hour, time that could be crucial for saving lives and protecting property.

Modern building regulations take fire stopping into consideration and products are available to protect all manner of doors, windows, decorative finishes, pipe work and cable runs. However, in many cases, these items can also be retro-fitted to heritage buildings of older construction. Old buildings may have poor fire-resistance, so retrofitting new fire stopping systems can bring them up to a full one hour of fire protection and effectively compartmentalise fires.

Our engineers can not only survey your premises following the requirement for fire stopping works but are also highly trained and certificated in relation to the correct installation of fire stopping materials. All their work is certificated to the relevant British Standard and industry guidelines as well as manufacturers specifications.

Here is just a selection of Fire Stopping materials and items that FSE can supply.

downlight covers and cagesfire resistant coating for fibreglass

Intumescent cement fillerintumescent trunking pillows

upgrade lathe and plaster walls and ceilings to full 1 hour fire protection


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