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Flame Detection Systems

FSE offer the phenomenal Signifire flame detection system from Fike. This consists of a network of specialised CCTV cameras that can be configured to detect flames, smoke or movement, or all three! The system can then also act as an intruder detection system. The system works by the cameras visually detecting flame or reflected flame, smoke or intruder movement and instantly sounding alarms and/or notifying security staff of the event.

This equipment is ideal for larger buildings where large atriums, vast open areas and high ceilings render conventional smoke alarms ineffective. High airflow and smoke stratification can prevent smoke from reaching conventional smoke detectors in buildings with high ceilings.

These systems offer scalable technology that can be applied as a stand alone system for new installations, or integrated into your current CCTV management system. All Signifire Flame detection camera systems can be hard wired or IP network connected.

Watch this amazing video presentation of the Fike Signifire flame detection system.


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