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Kitchen Fire Suppression

Modern kitchens are often a prime threat in terms of fires because they have constant high temperatures and flammable liquids. There are currently three LPS 1223 approved kitchen fire suppression systems on the market to help you protect your kitchen and those who work in it. These are Ansul R102, Amerex KP and SafetyChef Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems. All three are effective in suppressing commercial kitchen range fires, with detection and suppression options available to suit any scenario possible in your kitchen.

Kitchen fire suppression

These three kitchen fire suppression systems work mainly via water mist, which is released from nozzles above the kitchen appliances and works to tackle fires, not only by cooling but also by reducing the oxygen take-up of the fire, thus also preventing further damage to your vital equipment.

From bases in Nottingham & Leicester, FSE offers full nationwide coverage with it's highly trained service and maintenance engineers, offering 24 hour/7 day a week call out and refilling service on all leading kitchen fire suppression systems.

Our design team are happy to provide written quotations following a free site survey or submission of scale drawings of kitchen layouts.

FSE offer a full design, installation and commissioning service, meaning that we can give you the perfect kitchen fire suppression system for your premises, tailored to your precise needs. We can also provide competitive and ongoing service and maintenance packages. All of our systems are provided with full 12 months warranty provided that FSE maintain the system in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Amerex KP kitchen fire suppression hood cylinders

The Ansul R102, Amerex KP and SafetyChef kitchen fire suppression systems are UL300 tested and LPCB approved. These important accreditations are recognised worldwide by all insurance companies as a standard of quality and successful suppression in the event of a kitchen range fire. Amerex KP fire suppression are our preferred manufacturer as these work out as more cost effective to install than other systems.

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