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Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

FSE Fire Safety Systems Ltd can now supply the unique Dry Water Mist Fire Extinguisher. Based upon innovative, Dry Water Mist technology, the ‘all-in-one’ E-Series Fire Extinguisher is capable of extinguishing the spectrum of every-day fires, including classes A, B, C, E, and F; a technology unchallenged in the marketplace.

The E-Series Dry Water Mist fire extinguisher is capable of producing 22 billion water droplets with diameters as small as 25 microns from only one litre of water, creating an extremely fine mist which is ultra-effective in tackling fires when dispensed from its patented nozzle.

Revolutionary in the protection against multiple risks, the E-Series is especially effective in the extinguishing of Class B (liquid), electrical and Class F (fat) fires. The de-ionised water droplets produced are so small that electricity cannot travel through them, making the E-Series Dry Water Mist fire extinguisher completely safe to use with live electrical equipment. Its patented Dry Water Mist is de-ionised and its contamination-free agents are ideal for use in clean environments and food production areas. Water Mist fire extinguisher options include:

Why water mist is one of the safest agents for a fire fighter to use.

The Dry Water Mist agent used in the E-Series fire extinguisher is non-toxic and safe for discharge in highly populated areas and where prolonged exposure is likely. Once activated, the Mist prevents the fire from spreading by forming a ‘mist curtain’ around the fire source, protecting the surrounding area and any personnel within the vicinity. By removing the oxygen and its fuel source (free radicals) the fire calms and is extinguished; the continued cooling effects of the dry water mist prevent the fire from reigniting.

The engineering behind the Dry Water Mist fire extinguisher makes use of a significantly lower volume of water throughout the extinguishing process, removing the risk of water saturation or further collateral damage to the source area, thereby greatly saving on repair or replacement costs.

The E-Series operates at 12 bar pressure. It is produced using a BAFE approved manufacturing process, has achieved a CE mark and has been kite marked to BS EN3 certification. The extinguisher is fully recyclable.


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