FSE Ltd have a great deal of experience installing and repairing fire doors with our trained and skilled engineers. We are also able to conduct monthly fire door checks under current Fire legislation: The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Quite often a buildings fire doors performance will be compromised by either damage, over painting or just general wear and tear. The removal of locks or changes to the door furniture can often compromise the doors integrity meaning in a fire situation the door will not hold back a fire or the spread of smoke. This means that the lives of occupants within the building will be at risk and not afford protection.

They are also a requirement in certain domestic situations, such as:

  • in flats or HMOs
  • where a door leads into an integral garage, or
  • in any dwelling where there is a second floor ‘habitable’ room, such as houses with loft conversions or a ‘room in the roof’.

All rooms in any of these situations are separated from other rooms, or compartmented, in order to:

  • keep any fire in the compartment in which it starts
  • protect the occupants (and contents) of other compartments
  • provide a safe, protected route to allow the occupants to escape.

The walls, ceilings, entrances and exits are therefore designed to resist the fire for a specified period of time.

FSE Ltd are able to carry out a site survey in order to provide a competitive quotation for fire safety door works. Our trained engineer will be able to advise the best course of action and the most cost effective way to ensure your premises is compliant and employees kept safe.

The fire door, unlike any other door, must then perform its prime purpose – to protect lives and offer protection to the remainder of the building and to other buildings.

Fire Rated Hinges

fire rated hinges

Fire doors should have automatic closing devices (fire door closers) fitted. Because of the weight of a fire door and to prevent it warping, fire doors are usually fitted with three fire door hinges. The current BS EN standard does, however, allow two hinges in certain circumstances. All hinges that FSE Ltd provide come with a guarantee and installed correctly to ensure that the performance of the fire door is maintained.

Intumescent Strips

When existing doors are not fitted with intumescent strips but do have 25mm door stops the requirement is only for smoke seals to be fitted. In the event of a fire, the intumescent strips ensure a door retains fire resisting properties and holds back the blaze while occupants safely escape. FSE Ltd can provide a full range of intumescent strips from 10mm to 15mm with a range of colours including brown and white. Quite often intumescent strips are inadvertently painted over compromising the integrity of the door allowing smoke to easily spread in a fire situation.

Our engineers are specially trained to ensure all fire and smoke seals are installed correctly in line with current legislation to ensure maximum site safety for building occupants.

Fire Door Self-Closing Device

fire door closer

FSE Ltd successfully fit fire door closers to all types of fire doors. Our qualified engineers can provide a range of closers from our budget range through to branded self-closers such as Briton.