From bases in Nottingham and Leicester, FSE provide expertly delivered in-house training packages nationwide, at our customer’s premises, with programmes that will suit any individual or company’s needs. All courses are totally unique and use not only practical hands on experience but also an interactive classroom questionnaire.

Important elements in our Fire Marshal training course:

  • Awareness of overall the Emergency Fire Plan, understanding the company fire policies.
  • Awareness of other individual’s roles and responsibilities as well as their own.
  • Understand what information is required by the emergency services and pass any of this information on to the Senior Fire Marshall.
  • Review of relevant points in the building.
  • Responsibilities towards ‘special needs employees and visitors’.
  • Importance of monthly checks of fire fighting equipment and compiling information.
    – Boundaries of each Marshal’s designated area
    – Location of fire alarm call points
    – Location and type of extinguishers in relevant areas
    – Location of fire exits
    – Location of meeting point outside the building
  • Review of responsibilities (What to do in the event of a fire).
    – Sound the alarm upon discovering a fire
    – Direct evacuees to nearest exit
    – Walk through and check designated areas to ensure that the evacuation has been successful and note any problems that will need to be reported to the Senior Fire Marshal.
    – Evacuate the building by the nearest fire exit, ensure evacuees proceed to their nearest designated assembly point and keep well
    away from building exits.
    – Reporting to the Senior Fire Marshal
    – Complete relevant reports and record keeping
    – Have the ability to identify any fire safety training needs and pass this information on to the Senior Fire Marshal in documented format.
    – Practical use and demonstration in the use of fire extinguishers (if safe area to do so)
  • An interactive computer programme is used to train students in a supportive and user-friendly way. The programme consists of about 40 questions, and offers prompts and advice during the test, and will even direct the student to the relevant reference material if necessary. A minimum score of 75% is required by each student to obtain their training certificate.
  • Each course lasts 2 hours, with a maximum of 16 personnel per session.

To book fire marshal training, or any other fire training course for your company, call us or fill in the contact form.