All courses are totally unique and use not only practical hands on experience but an interactive classroom questionnaire as well. This first hand practical experience allows for the application of knowledge and techniques learned, greatly lessening the fire risks at your business.

From bases in Nottingham and Leicester tutors travel to companies across most of the Midlands, East Anglia, London and surrounding areas.

FSE can provide:

  • Basic Fire Extinguisher Training – vital to ensure your safety in the event of a fire
  • Fire Warden Training – in-depth training on the duties and responsibilities of a Fire Warden, improving their safety skills and reducing the risks of a fire
  • Fire Marshal Training – extensive training to give your organisation a more effective structure and framework for dealing with a fire emergency

All courses are legislatively compliant, fully certified and include the following aspects:

  1. Current fire safety legislation
  2. The effects of fire on companies
  3. The chemical processes that result in fire
  4. The causes of fire
  5. Effective evacuation procedures
  6. Preferable staff reactions to fire
  7. Fire protection methods
  8. Fire extinguisher training

Their fire safety training will leave them knowledgeable and experienced with regards to the fire risks at your workplace. Your employees will be much better equipped to tackle a fire emergency.

Basic fire extinguisher training will allow all of your employees to improve their skills in dealing with a fire emergency and fire marshal and fire warden training will ensure that individuals at your firm are qualified and prepared to lead the tackling a fire as well as organise evacuation procedures should the situation arise. This will greatly increase the safety of all your employees in the process.