Water mist fire suppression systems are suitable for commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Water mist fire suppression allows for immediate activation, extreme efficiency, minimal water damage, environmentally sound credentials and the avoidance of problems related to toxicity. This makes water mist fire suppression an incredibly effective means of tackling fires.

We are able to build fire suppression systems with conventional chemicals or gas, however we are focusing on the following core points for our water mist fire suppression systems:

  • Minimising collateral damage as far less water is used to extinguish the fire.
  • Safety for fire fighters and people in the fire environment.
  • Environmentally friendly (avoiding the use of chemicals and gases).
  • Flexibility and the ability to cover multiple risks.
  • Space saving by reducing the amount of equipment required

Ground-breaking technology.

Our Dry Mist system utilises low pressure, low volume water droplets at a miniscule 25 micron size, allowing maximum fire fighting capability and fire suppression whilst using a minimum amount of water. Our water mist fire suppression system is recognised by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and appears in the ‘RedBook Live’. The system extinguishes the fire by using three separate methods:

  • Flame Cooling.
  • Removal of oxygen.
  • Elimination of free radicals.

Other benefits that water mist technology provides over traditional wet chemical systems is that it is a clean agent system using only distilled pure water as the extinguishant. As the water is discharged from air tight cylinders there is no risk of contamination and the system provides the benefit of a ‘total flood system’. This means that appliances can be moved to any position under the canopy cook line, therefore saving money on expensive pipework and nozzle repositioning should appliances need to be changed in the future.